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Lucky Lights Bubble Gum

Well St. Patrick's day weekend is over. Let me start by saying that Friday I was almost killed by a drunk driver so all you kiddies who think you are cool because you get drunk and do stupid shit can kiss my ass, I dont care whos reading this because I know half of you do it. I was driving down Naamans and some drunk fuck U turns into my lane 5 seconds before I am there so I went over the island into on coming traffic so I could avoid it only to swerve onto the middle of the island probably knocking my alignment out. Its cool isnt it? Everyone knows I don't advocate drugs or drinking but I dont put them down either cause I dont tell people what to do, but for once Joe McDonald is saying something because if I didnt swerve and potentiall get killed anyway I wouldnt be here typing this. Think about that next time you get wasted.

Instead of getting killed I made it to Lauren's fake birthday party and gave her the gift. She seemed to like it a lot. I got home made Tiramisu and Lasagna so I was pretty much in my glory.

Sunday of course was her surprise party which was super fun. I have pretty much met her whole family and most of her friends. Hell I even had her meet Dad and Terry finally. lol it took long enough. After that I spent a few more hours with her at her house and just watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

A bunch of my movies came in from Amazon. I ordered like 14. I think 5 came so far. I'm happy about that. Hell, I am just happy in general. Once school is over I will be at my best. Cant wait until its over.

Yeah thought I'd treat the world with an update since its been a long time. So there ya go, enjoy it.
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